The importance of hotel receivers

The hall is the first area that the guest sees after having made a reservation, it is a mandatorystep. The impressive hall can be the best letter of presentation of hotel equipment: it can denotethe style (modern, classic or rustic) and even determine its cache.

It is also important because a good aesthetic hall offers a positive impression. It is accompaniedwith a correct and comfortable Check-in service- either in person or through a more autonomous way, through a telematics entry system-, it may trigger the chances of getting a constructiverecommendation or criticism on the web.

The design of this room is essential, a great communication element of the hotel brand. It canrepresent an identifiable characteristic of the tourist accommodation. "I have been told what a hotel, has some of the most luxurious reception" That could be an affirmation based on the good impressions of an entrance, especially surprised by something impressive. Good reviews create expectations, in which the focus on aesthetics is more important than ever. The receivers must be beautiful and, if possible, original.

To find a suitable contract furnituresolution, you may need a design projectand a quality finishedproduct, as well as resistant and durable. A personalized plan adapted to our needs can help us achieve certain exclusivity. The proposal must also be timeless, that survives the passage of time.



The complements

Finding an ergonomics in each of the elements that make up space, following the trends, is also successful. To do this, you have to study the routines of both the reception staff and the client: comfortable counters, sofas accessible in case guests have to wait your turn, some entertainment maybe, information panels showing what to do in the hotel complex (as visible as possible), and even some detail designed for the little ones. An example. You never know.

A lobby also needs external decoration. The ceiling is a subject that can also be easily customized. Wood can offer a wide range of combinations. Numerous examples use wood slats to decorate it. It can be complemented with a central lamp. Depending on the amplitude of the hall, the woodenslats may even be key to compartmentalizing stresses, as a lattice or screen. It can be very elegant.